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Founded in 2017, the Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit focused on giving scholarship opportunities to underserved, high-achieving youth intending to pursue

post-secondary options.

Our mission is simple: Focus on lessening the burden on students' pursuing higher education and assist them in successfully transitioning to college

What We Do

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Community Oureach

At The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation, we are dedicated to addressing obstacles to college success beyond alleviating the financial costs of higher education. To that end, we work with local Austin high schools to provide college success resources that will strengthen students' overall application

Scholarship Funding

Our organization provides scholarship funding to underserved, high-achieving students in the East Austin area, We support students pursuing higher education opportunities at four-year universities and community colleges

Mentorship & Development

Recipients of an E.G.S. Scholarship are assigned an official mentor for their first year in college to help with the transition to college and various career opportunities

The Advisory Board

We are proud to have a team of young professionals from diverse backgrounds that have been integral to the growth and development of this scholarship fund. Board members assist with fundraising & capital contributions, community development efforts, and serve as the review committee for all scholarship candidates.

E.G.S. Scholar Profiles

Our scholarship committee prioritizes the following criteria: academic excellence, leadership and service contributions in the community, and emphasizing a clear vision for their future . We believe that grit is the main contributing factor to overcoming any personal/circumstantial barriers to their personal success. 

The board of the Envisioning Greater Success Foundation are proud to have awarded $15,000 in scholarship disbursement funds in 2018 to several deserving candidates. You can find their profiles below

Sailesh Kumar

Board Member

Ross Miglin

Board Member

Omar Najeed

Board Member
Workday Inc. 

Keun-Woo Lee

Board Member
NYC Dept. Of Education

Mariette Peltier

Board Member
J.D. Candidate, University of Virginia

Christian Cordova

Board Member
Morgan Stanley

Neo Nanna

Founder & Chairman
The Bridgespan Group

Garrett Maples

Board Member
McKinsey & Co.

Ahmed Mohammed

Second-Year Student, University of Texas at San Antonio

Maria Villafuerte

Second-Year Student, University of Texas at Austin

Ahmed Babon

Second-Year Student, Austin Community College

Phoibe Usabimana

First-Year Student, University of Texas at Austin


Zoe Steed

First-Year Student, University of Houston

Elizabeth Rocha

First-Year Student,

Hope College

Hannah Hora

First-Year Student,

Temple College

Gloria Nzoya

First-Year Student, Austin Community College

Our Story


From Service Opportunity to Philanthropy: The Evolution of  The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation

Learn how the organization came to be and developed into more than just a charitable cause

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