Ahmed Mohammed

Student, University of Texas at San Antonio

One of our board members, Sailesh Kumar, had this to say about our scholarship recipient: 

"We selected Ahmed Mohamed because he is someone who has proven his grit, motivation, and ability to find his own success. He has shown incredible leadership, amazing success in school, and a great vision for what he wants do to with his career. As someone who came to the United States from Libya, Benghazi and had to learn English starting in high school, Ahmed has the potential to overcome any obstacle that comes his way. While he is going to need a lot of hard work to complete his Computer Science degree, the board is absolutely certain that he will not only succeed in college, but go on to make a resounding impact on the world and the African community. 

Ahmed Mohammed will be attending the University of Texas at San Antonio to pursue his dreams of becoming a web developer. The board is delighted to award him a $2,000 scholarship to achieve his dreams.