Phoibe Usabimana

Student, The University of Texas at Austin

One of our board members, Omar Najeed, had this to say about our scholarship recipient:

"Phoibe Usabimana was chosen as the 2019 distinguished scholar amongst all applicants because of her holistic profile which showed a strong academic record, part-time work experience, leadership at Eastside, and targeted career goals.

Phoibe earned the title of Eastside Memorial High School's Salutatorian for the graduating class of 2019. She consistently performed well in her college-level coursework and had the highest SAT score of all applicants. In addition to school, she held a part time job at Noodles & Co since her junior year and was able to advance to a managerial role. At Eastside, she was the President of Eastside Student Council and JV Captain for the girls' soccer team, in addition to her other involvements across campus. Her overall reputation from Eastside shows her as being a great leader and performer across the board.

One of the biggest factors in the Envisioning Greater Success Foundation scholarship is a vision for the future. Phoibe’s long-term goals include becoming a physician. She has taken actionable steps towards becoming one by taking Pharmacy Technician Classes at ACC, which is a strong indicator of her drive towards achieving her goals. She will be attending the University of Texas at Austin as a Biochemistry major with plans to pursue a minor in Political Science / Government. The degree of commitment she has displayed by taking additional coursework outside of Eastside and focusing her undergrad on a major known for it’s rigor is an indicator of Phoibe’s work ethic and drive towards achieving her goals."

The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is pleased to offer her a $4,000 award for her accomplishments. Congratulations, Phoibe!