Cristina Vizcaino

 Student, Concordia University

One of our board members, Neo Nanna, had this to say about our scholarship recipient:

"We selected Cristina to receive an Envisioning Greater Success Foundation because of tenacity, empathy, and dedication for her future. Cristina participated in multiple extracurriculars and held a part-time job while in school. One thing that we appreciated in her application was her overcoming her dyslexia as she has advanced through school. She has built tools to navigate her learning disability and is determined to persevere. Cristina has deep appreciation for her relationships and how much they have impacted her and hopes to pursue a profession in the medical field to support patient lead healthy and happy lives."


Cristina will be attending Concordia University to pursue a degree in Nursing. The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is pleased to offer her a $2,000 scholarship to pursue her dreams!