Christian Castillo

Student, Texas A&M University

One of our board members, Sailesh Kumar, had this to say about our scholarship recipient:

"Christian Castillo is one of a kind. He has grown up with a love for science, a passion for art, and with roots of empathy and love. At EGS we strive to empower future generations to act with excellence and kindness, and Christian embodies both. While the road to being a doctor is not easy, we know his love for helping others and science will guide him to success. We also know that when Christian succeeds, he will do everything he can to lift others as well, whether it be mentorship, networking, or just support to overcome adversity. He's going to make an outstanding impact on the world, and we cannot wait to see it."


Christian plans to attend Texas A&M University to pursue a degree in Biology. The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is pleased to offer him a $2,000 scholarship to pursue his dreams!

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