Zoe Steed

 Student, University of Houston

One of our board members, Keun - Woo, had this to say about our scholarship recipient:

"Zoe Steed was chosen as the recipient due to her grit and vision for success. She started her high school experience in Houston, but things abruptly changed when her family moved to Austin in search of adequate, stable housing. When she first started at Eastside, she was skeptical, but found her stride in a subject she was passionate about no matter her situation - art. After many years of believing she would not attend college, she found her calling as a future educator. She hopes to be a positive influence on her students, just like the art teachers she had throughout her life that kept her motivated. Furthermore, she balanced a variety of extracurriculars such as Student Council, Gardening Club, PALS, working as a School Aide, and as an employee of Java Noodles during her time at Eastside. We’re inspired by how Zoe overcame the obstacles in her life and can’t wait to see the impact she has as an art teacher!"

Zoe plans to attend the University of Houston - Downtown  to study Fine Arts Education. The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is pleased to offer her a $2,000 scholarship to pursue her dreams!