Ana Martinez

 Student, University of Texas at Austin

One of our board members, Keun-Woo Lee, had this to say about our scholarship recipient:

"We selected Ana to receive an Envisioning Greater Success Foundation Scholarship because of her beautiful narrative, introspection, and vision for her future. One of the distinctive qualities about her application was witnessing her recount of her experiences and how much she has grown from her personal life and relationships. While in high school, in addition to being in the top 5% of her graduating class, she worked a part-time job at her local H-E-B and was heavily involved in the PALS program mentoring young students and increasing their overall confidence. She is really passionate about building her own speech, writing, and communication competencies to learn more about the world through connecting with others with unique perspective.


She hopes to take her interests in language and international culture to The University of Texas at Austin where she will major in Communication Studies with a minor in Japanese language. Her goal is to partake is to travel abroad and participate in the JET Exchange Program where she will become an assistant English Language Immersion teacher.


The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is pleased to offer her a $2,000 scholarship to pursue her dreams!  

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