Elizabeth Rocha

 Student, Hope College

One of our board members, Elizabeth Rocha, had this to say about our scholarship recipient:

"We chose Elizabeth Rocha for her outstanding school record and the determination that she exemplified in her writing. Her academic record was impressive, placing her in the top 10 students of her graduating class. Her capacity for leadership and mentorship shined through her application in her involvement in PALS and her role as President of the Eastside Memorial Choir. Elizabeth dreams of becoming a teacher, drawing inspiration from witnessing her younger brother’s experience adjusting to school. She observed her brother struggle in school after not receiving the assistance that he needed, yet thrived under the mentorship of one teacher who modified her approach to his learning style. We are positive that Elizabeth will succeed in college and go on to make an impact within the world of education with her vision to be able to give each student the attention and instruction that they need.

Elizabeth will be attending Hope College, a private liberal arts college in Michigan, studying as an Education major with a focus in Secondary Education. We’re so excited to see what you accomplish at and beyond!"

The Envisioning Greater Success Foundation is pleased to offer her a $2,000 award for her accomplishments.