From Service Opportunity to Philanthropy: The Evolution of Envisioning Greater Success Foundation

Founding Date: October 23, 2017

"My relationship with Eastside Memorial High School started during my time at the University of Texas at Austin. I joined an organization called the Texas Blazers, a honorary service organization that partnered with a school in East Austin. Every week, the Blazers went to help Eastside with their school programming, tutoring program, and any college success mentoring that they needed. My experiences serving Eastside in that capacity were probably some of my finest moments in college and allowed me to develop a strong interest in helping students make their future dreams come true. 

Throughout my time at university, my discussions with fellow UT students around their college experience were usually always impacted by their personal finances. Students were denied or limited from opportunities to receive funding from large grants, foundations, and corporations and forced to take jobs in addition to their coursework or significant amounts of debt. While volunteering at Eastside Memorial High School, I heard similar concerns as students felt discouraged to apply for four-year universities worried about impending future tuition costs. These concerns were difficult to hear, because in my opinion, a student should never lose out on a potential opportunity for success solely based on socio-economic factors that may not be in their control.

When I created this scholarship program, the main intention was to start an initiative that lessened the financial burden on incoming college students and their families. I hope to continue my advocacy for post-secondary success through continuing to grow this scholarship fund and by providing college readiness materials and continuous mentorship for scholarship recipients.


This foundation allows me to continue the service that I fondly remember during my days at UT."

Neo Nanna

Founder of E.G.S.